Mr George Sell. 1879-1980

Back in 1971 I started as a student at Alnwick College, Northumberland following a three year teaching course. I played chess at Alnwick Chess club for the three years and met a fascinating man called Mr Sell. He was over 90 years old by the time I took to visiting him on Sundays to play chess at his house in Alnmouth. He was the Champion of Northumberland for many years and one of the most important and influential chess players in the North East. He invited giants of the game to play with him and to stay at his home, including  J. R. Capablanka, Dr. E Lasker and A.A. Alekhine. all three World Champions. A great man. My thanks to Rob McEwan of Alnwick Chess Club for his help in researching information about Mr Sell. G SELL 5

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