Funky Aardvark Teignmouth. F G Davis. Collage Workshop. THURSDAY 10th July. 3.30. A session looking at using collage and mixed media in artwork. All equipment provided. Bring along an image you want to work on or just bring yourself. £10. Ring the shop or pop in to book a place. Photo: Funky Aardvark Teignmouth.

See The Matchbox Series at The Funky Aardvark.

This is Number 29 of my Matchbox Series. It is an Arthur Cooper Matchbox and Acrylic on Canvas: 12.7 x 17.7 x 1.5cm. You can see a selection of the series at The Funky Aardvark, 11 Somerset Place, Teignmouth, in the Oasis Gallery, ( first Floor) from Thursday 5th to Wednesday 11th June, 2014. Open:…